Mynch Uranukul
Mynch Uranukul
Business Development & Education Manager


Mynch believes that learning and education are the foundations for a better society. At Disrupt, She used her HR knowledge and personal experience with social and educational challenges to help EdTech/Social startups and other education social entrepreneurs make a difference in the world.  

Mynch has always sensed the necessity of education as a component of the change to become wholesome human beings as she grew up and studied in the holistic learning institution, also known as alternative schooling. As such, emotional intelligence and psychosocial components of learning & development have always been a part of her interests, and hence she is currently attempting to learn more and gain a deeper understanding of these areas.

Prior to joining Disrupt, she worked as an HR consultant specializing in L&D for some of the largest corporations in Thailand, as she has always been passionate about L&D and people development. Even before she went to college, she always worked on a variety of social projects and youth development initiatives in various areas. She was a founding member of one of Saturday School’s projects, a non-profit volunteer project dedicated to ensuring that underprivileged and marginalized children acquire the required life skills and assisting students in their self-discovery. She also collaborated closely with Saturday School's CEO on the organization's volunteer and HR processes, leveraging her HR consulting knowledge to advise the CEO on people and organization matters.

Beyond work, she enjoys art, astrology, and personality tests as she believes they are instruments that can help people realize their potential and grow as individuals.


Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Chulalongkorn University

Product Management Bootcamp Certificate, Skooldio