Patch Rawanghet
Patch Rawanghet
Business Development & Chief Exponential Officer Program Manager


Patch’s goal in life is to “spread positivity, empower others, strive to build a sense of ‘togetherness’.” She is an explorer at heart who loves expanding her comfort zone by experiencing new cultures, discovering new ideas, and meeting new people. Growing up, she attended a lot of summer camps which had sparked her passion in experiential learning, people development, and community. She accumulates and integrates these experiences and creates her own ways of doing things. She is full of zest and is a fast learner who never fails to amaze people by effortlessly connecting seemingly unrelated things together. Yet, her curious and adaptable nature comes with a great attention to detail.

Patch is a native Thai who spent 7 years abroad. Through her experience living and working in different countries such as the USA, Australia, Argentina, South Africa, and Thailand, Patch has a unique perspective and skill sets that are shown through different areas of her life. She has learned to work with people from various backgrounds and has been a part of many supportive communities. Prior to Disrupt, she led an experiential learning program for youth, interned at startups of various stages, organized the biggest student-run music festival in the US, and served as an Orientation Leader at her university.

At Disrupt, she plays a critical role in the making of the CXO program: she oversees the end-to-end customer journey, designs learning experiences for top executives, and facilitates relationship building within the community. Due to the pandemic, she had to get creative and explored new tools to make online learning fun and engaging. She views obstacles as ways to pivot and try new approaches and always faces challenges with enthusiasm. Her positive energy is contagious and is able to captivate the whole room as she leads different projects such as VERSO Hack 2021 and Zipmex Talents Day. She also leads workshops on Public Speaking and Customer Interview. In sum, she goes above and beyond to ensure every life she touches has been empowered, in line with Disrupt’s Mission.

Seeing herself as a ‘Jack of all trades’, Patch never stops exploring new skills and experiences. She loves traveling as it allows her to understand herself, others, and the world a little better. She strives to tap into her best self by engaging in activities that allow her to connect her body, mind, and soul. If she is not out enjoying outdoor activities such as wakesurfing, rock climbing, and scuba diving, she can be found in acting classes. She believes that physical health comes with great mental health, so along with these outdoor activities she also practices mindfulness on a daily basis. 


Bachelor of Science in Management; Minor in Finance - Tulane University 

  • Selected as Orientation Team Leader
  • Served as Green Wave Ambassador
  • Voted Homecoming Queen

Study Abroad Program, University of Sydney

Product Management Bootcamp, Skooldio

LeaderShape Institute

Management Consulting Program Participant, iXperience