Paul Rungruangsate
Paul Rungruangsate
Community Manager


Paul is an energetic individual whose mission is to bring levity, joy, and comfort to everyone around him.  He believes in teamwork, creativity, and positivity as key to achieving success. Paul is good with people and has eyes for detail. He is a team player and a do-er; he ensures that everything runs smoothly at maximum efficiency and always seeks to delight and exceed expectations. With a versatile and interdisciplinary background, Paul often becomes everyone’s go-to person because of the knowledge, experiences and skill he possessed beyond his job descriptions.

Prior to Disrupt, Paul served as a Marketing Manager for a health technology firm as he graduated from the health field. He was in charge of not only marketing, but also of sales and operation. He does it all from end-to-end: from hiring to training and supervising the sales team. He identified potential customers, managed customer relations, built customer databases, and created the cold call script for his subordinates to follow. He was also in charge of managing the firm’s sales budget. Paul can do it all. 

Paul joins Disrupt because he believes in the vision. He is passionate about building a supportive community where happiness and laughter are the heart of it. He strives to put a smile on people’s faces. As a Community Manager, he is often the first touchpoint for anyone interested in Disrupt, and hence he is a true culture champion for the company. He goes above and beyond to support the community whether it be coordinating logistics for events, preparing tools and resources for workshop, shipping happiness box during #WFH, and assisting others with accounting. He once even prepared decorative toothpicks himself, as he strives to create the perfect experience for others. He plays a role as an MC on multiple occasions, supports a healthtech startup, and does other operation work behind the scenes.

Paul never ceased to amaze others with his variety of skill sets. He enjoys having creative outlets. He edits video on the side and can be seen editing some of the videos used at Disrupt. He likes scrolling through TikTok to find cool inspiration to use in his work.


Mahidol University