Praew Inthachote
Praew Inthachote
BD & Project Manager


Praew is very cheerful and has been described as a self-esteem booster who always spreads positivity to others. She believes that happiness, joy, and a sense of belonging is an important part of living in everyday life. She seeks for purposes in what she’s responsible for to ensure the alignment and actions are taken forward upon to what she and the team would like to succeed. 

Praew also enjoys doing extracurricular activities as she participates in many volunteering and leadership development programs. She soon found out that she has the interest in self development and personal growth for herself and within others. She believes that everyone has their own strengths and potential, yet the challenging process to unleash them is to find out what they are and place it in the right opportunity and environment where people get to explore, reflect, fail, learn, improve and get better. 

Prior to Disrupt, Praew has continued this passion throughout different roles in various organizations. She has served as Learning and Development, Human Resource in the corporate where she had to design employees’ learning cycles and map out the courses that match with their personal development plan and the ability to perform in their roles. She has also performed as a Product Innovation in the Edtech Startup where she developed the digital educational platform that drives more motivation and effectiveness to learn for students. And her previous role is Business Development National Director for biggest youth-run NGO where she took care of experiential exchange programs, sending out and receiving in the volunteers and interns as well as connected them to the companies and other organizations outside university for them to be more exposed and well-prepared for their future careers. 

Besides working, Praew enjoys arts, cooking, and health-care activities. She also loves exploring new beaches and nature in Thailand.


Bachelor of Arts, Bangkok University

Petnaichaiyapuek full scholarship student