Typp Sathitanont

Typp Sathitanont

Operations Manager


Typp’s work is rooted in the belief in excellence, continuous improvement, and treating others with respect and trust.

Committed to sharing her passion for literacy and learning, Typp has dedicated her entire life to discover and explore new and challenging experiences to broaden her own vision, integrating her arts backgrounds with lifetime growth. She makes the impossible possible and puts her heart into everything she does!

During her uni life, she constantly got involved in volunteering and part-time work to learn, develop, and use her skills and knowledge in different contexts. In addition to her extensive extracurricular activities, she was doing her internship at the Embassy of the Republic of Peru in Thailand where she contributed her skill set through office administration, executive support, project work, research, translation, event coordination and liaison with other international embassie. This experience gave her profound competencies for international relations and a good opportunity to see the diplomatic system from the inside. She has also honed her translation skills throughout her work for Sahamongkolfilm International with the Spanish series named "El Barco". She graduated with a Bachelor degree in Spanish with first-class honors from Chulalongkorn University.

Prior to her position at Disrupt, Typp was the executive secretary to CFO at FUJIFILM Thailand, where she worked with several departments to keep things running smoothly from end to end, ranging from organizing events to being an MC, and from supporting junior staff to providing high-level assistance to the executives.

At Disrupt, she’s an operations manager where she contributes to the team by planning, supporting, and coordinating projects. Typp has performed multiple roles in various productions of Disrupt. She’s the one who delivers assistance in no time, with exceptional quality. She also helps develop policies and procedures to gather feedback as part of the customer happiness team. As opposed to providing simple answers to queries, she wants to go above and beyond people’s expectations. This means proactively offering excellent service, relevant information, and helpful alternatives. Typp always tries to build a good relationship, listens and empathizes with concerns, and never forgets to maintain a positive attitude.

On a side note, she’s a big cat person taking care of her 4-legged child and also an avid cafe hopper with the mission to find the best Matcha in town.


Bachelor of Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Spanish (First-class honor)