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About The Job

Disrupt Technology Venture is Thailand’s leading startup accelerator and innovation program leader, striving to empower entrepreneurs and innovators in Thailand.

Your role as a Marketing & Community Manager at Disrupt will be highly entrepreneurial and immersive: you will have the opportunity to lead and manage initiatives to create values holistically for the startup ecosystem from Day 1.

We are looking for innovative Marketing & Community Manager who are ready to establish a distinctive value-adding position in customers’ / stakeholders’ minds as well as responsible for executing and delivering real values to them. You will play a crucial role by leading and executing marketing initiatives delivered to customers, stakeholders, and the public. You will be bridging between ‘what we do’ and potential customers to create win-win values among different stakeholders resulting in a positive impact on the startup ecosystem and Thai society.

Join us as we foster Thailand’s startup ecosystem and organizational transformation with our passion, experience, and expertise.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Identify, analyze opportunities, and turn them into initiatives strategies to create awareness and communicate toward customers, stakeholders, and the public with the right positioning/branding image
  • Empathize with both customers and stakeholders in order to get yourself into their shoes and outline a campaign/marketing project strategy
  • Manage projects /initiatives from end to end: crafting strategy, campaign development, launching, monitoring, and concluding the results, ensuring progress, alignment of the strategy/ message/brand consistency throughout the entire process and channels
  • Integrate insights & foresight into solid proposition and strategy; Assessment of customer strategies, campaigns, initiatives, and new project launch
  • Work closely with relevant internal team and related parties to execute marketing initiatives e.g. develop communication materials, review and seek approval, etc.
  • Monitor the branding aspect of the company holistically including development and deployment of brand strategy, define customer/stakeholder profile, set up a brand proposition as well as branding consistency in every communication channels
  • Stay up to date with the latest marketing trends, business trends, technology, and innovation to create related content


  • Minimum 2-3 years of work experience in Marketing Agency, Business Consulting, Venture Builder, Tech Startup Background is a major plus
  • Experience in Project Management & Coordination Skills  
  • Ability to apply and execute overall concept/ knowledge of marketing communication or branding practically
  • Ability to think logically and strategically in order to develop and execute strategies/ initiatives
  • Strong commitment and result-driven
  • Demonstrate a good knowledge of business with a strong business sense
  • Demonstrate a proven track record in working in a fast-paced environment; Flexible, resilient, comfortable with ambiguity, and adaptable to a high-change situation
  • Open to new concepts and/or processes and willing to work on initiatives outside marketing scopes
  • Multi-Skills: Be able to work on marketing scope and also other scopes such as business analysis, strategy, business development
  • Fast learner and a self-starter
  • Ability to multitask, prioritize and execute many tasks to meet multiple deadlines
  • Willingness to learn and interest in technology and startups
  • Excellent command of Thai and English communication in both speaking and writing
  • Content creation skills i.e. ability to write blog content is preferred
  • Public speaking skills i.e. ability to speak confidently in front of a large audience is preferred
  • ** Age: Less than 30 Years Old **
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